Oklahoma State University has been named one of the EPA's Green Power Partners of the Year.

Due in part by the universities almost exclusive use a cleaner burning fuel in the majority of their fleet. If you've ever taken the loop around campus, or partied down at Tumbleweeds, you've seen the campus Compressed Natural Gas station they utilize.

OSU Cleaner Fuels

This little-known factoid of cleaner-burning fuel use comes as a shock to some. With Oklahoma's extremely deep oil and fossil fuel roots, especially now when you see the oil derricks and tank batteries scattered throughout Payne County, it's odd to find anyone putting thoughts into clean energy.

But the cleaner energy mindset doesn't stop with CNG in Stillwater... The university also utilizes a massive wind farm to the North.

OSU Wind Farm
Phil Shockley/University Marketing, OSU

Just outside of Blackwell, Oklahoma you'll find The Cowboy Wind Farm.

26 turbines spinning 24/7, pumping out almost 60 Megawatts of power. It is from this wind farm that OSU gets 72% of their power to electrify the campus.

In case you haven't figured it out, Oklahoma State University is big on clean and renewable energy.

When accepting their award at the 2014 Renewable Energy Markets Conference in Sacramento, CA, OSU President Burns Hargis had this to say...

As one of the nation’s leading land-grant universities, OSU is committed to sustainability in our practices, education, research and outreach. We are nurturing a culture of respect for, and commitment to, sustainable practices and environmental stewardship with our students that will extend beyond our campuses. We are honored to receive this distinction and will continue to expand the use of green power to improve our campuses and our world.

Our state is getting greener indeed.

Go Pokes


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