Outdoor Oklahoma filmed an episode about some of the lesser known outdoor destinations and experiences you can only get in Southwest Oklahoma.

Sure, it includes things like the refuge, Mount Scott, and the touristy things we all sort of take for granted... but it also features some lesser known and newer things.

For instance, Outdoor Oklahoma featured the new Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Center. It's jam packed full of creatures native to Oklahoma. Chances are, you heard rumblings about it in the last few months, but that's not the whole story. Attached is a five acre botanical garden to walk through.

They also stop in for a visit out at the ever-changing Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. It's not the type of place that once you've been, you've seen it all. There's simply too much to fully take in. Get out there, explore, and be thankful we have so much awesome in the place you currently live.

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