If you didn't already know, kids have pretty short attention spans. What a lot of people don't understand is this... Kids enjoy sports, but they don't care about sports nearly as much as sports-parents. That typical "living the dream through your kid" type situation. That's not every little player on the field, but the sheer majority, yes. So when the music blaring over the PA system in the grandest pee-wee stadium in America (probably) whips out a popular song, of course they drop what they're doing and start flossing and doing that interesting one-leg-hop Fortnite dance.

The real surprising thing in this video is, you don't really hear the die-hard sports-parents going off on why they should focus on the game. After growing up in junior baseball, (which arguably have the worst parents of them all) it's shocking to hear more laughs than frowns.

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