You ever been so focused on your job, you forget to check your coworkers progress on a group project? Yeah, it's kind of like that, but with a half million dollar car.

Sporting a very European 274 cubic inch V8, and a very impressive 465 horsepower, this little Ferrari is legit. You want to see a Nascar race worth watching? Throw one of these on the track. It's basically the same, but much faster.

Taking the corners at a much higher speed... coming out of the corners at a much higher speed... getting back to speed at a much higher speed... The whole European racing league is higher speed. That comes at a slight cost of heft, and some argue it's less safe, but rubbing is racing. Get to it.

If you want your own 458 Italia GT, it'll set you back a slick quarter of a million dollars. Available here.

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