The photo above is the reaction most people think others will offer when shown a video of the fireworks you shot over the holiday. Let there be no miscommunication here, people will not react that way. You yourself will not care about watching someone else's fireworks video, why would you expect more of another?

Here's the thing, popping and watching fireworks in person is way more fun than seeing it later in a video. Truthfully, the only reason a person would want to watch your fireworks video is if something went hilariously wrong... Otherwise, you're just skipping a family moment in the hopes you'll earn validation from practical strangers on the internet.

Stop it. I know that's hard to hear, but it's the truth. Fireworks videos are sort of like opinions... The only person that cares about yours is you. If anyone wanted to see a fireworks video, do you think they'd opt for the shaky, grainy video you shot on your three-year-old iPhone? Of course not... they'd seek out one of the giant professional shows from NYC, DC, etc...

If you really want to catch the moment for your own personal enjoyment, turn your phone to your kids and catch their reactions to the best pyrotechnics show state law will allow an unlicensed citizen. Kids love that stuff, and you'll be elated to see it in your memories each year as they grow into angsty, mouthy teenagers.

I don't know what else to say on this matter. I don't know how it can be said more clearly. You're wasting your time, and thus your own experience by filming fireworks instead of living in the moment and soaking up the family feels.

Pro-Tip: Don't let the person that got an early start in the cooler that day be in charge of lighting the fireworks. It never works out.

Also, never trust the mortar tube that came with the fireworks. Find a way to secure it to the ground so it can't fall over. While it's almost always hilarious when a shell ends up in the audience, there is a chance someone could get seriously injured, and that's an expense nobody can afford with these gas prices.

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