Rivian is an electric auto maker that fancies themselves more or less, adventure vehicle makers rather than the sports car mentality of Tesla. For the last two years, Tesla has been kicking around the idea of a pickup truck. Rivian has beat them to the punch. They've come up with an attractive, quick, and powerful off-road capable truck for less than the estimates of Tesla's pitched pickup.

At nearly $70k, it sounds like a lot... but if you've walked some of the dealerships in town, odds are $70k isn't getting a loaded vehicle anytime soon. I've literally read a $110,000 window sticker this year. Truck prices are stupid ridiculous right now, which is probably why used trucks are currently leading the truck sales category. Until those prices come down, and they will, the future might kick petrol automakers down into the import category of preference.

Either way, we all win. It's good for the environment, good for the economy, and good for the science behind electric vehicles. I swear, one day, they'll come up with a monster horsepower vehicle that charges in seconds as you drive down the road. Unlimited power!

You can check out the Rivian R1T on the official site.

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