Well played Bryan. Money well spent.

During this time of social distancing in sports. Teams are doing different things to 'fill' the stadium. Maybe putting virtual fans in the stands, teddy bears, or cardboard cutouts of fans. If you're a Rangers fan, you have probably seen the cutouts if you tuned into the games this past weekend.

The Oakland A's were actually the first team to announce the cutouts and they may have the best one in the league. Don't get me wrong, I see the Rangers have a cutout of someone's dog. Also Dallas Stars Jamie Benn and Tyler Sequin are in the stands at Rangers game. Over in Oakland, someone named Bryan paid to have the Astros' mascot Orbit sitting in a trashcan.

By the way, if you're someone that has not seen the proof of the trashcan beating scandal. This video above is a perfect breakdown of what the Astros were doing. I think the Astros got off easy and I hope they never live this down. I hope people bang on trashcans for years to come when fans are allowed back into stadiums to watch the games.

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