So lets pretend that you're the person in charge of coming up with a new slogan to drive home the message that meth is bad... Perhaps the deadline was super short, or maybe you just aren't in that creative state of mind, so the best thing you've come up with is "Meth. We're on it." and the state officials of South Dakota are so bad at this stuff, they legally adopt it as their official anti-drug meth slogan.

Let that sink in for a minute.

No question about it, meth is one of those substances that nobody deserves to be addicted to. You wouldn't ever wish it on your worst enemy right? But as meth continues to become an opioid crisis level addiction to people across the country, states are trying to fight back in the only way they know how... Marketing.

"I am on meth." That's the new battle cry of South Dakota. It's an honorable attempt to do good. It's also probably the worst executed idea of the year.


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