No matter how many times I say it some people just don't get it. Real wildlife isn't like what you see on Disney films! Real animals can't talk, they typically don't hang out with other species like their friends and most importantly real animals can and will harm you if you're not careful.

For whatever reason people think the cuter the animal is, the less likely it is to attack you. For those of us with a brain and who have spent some time outdoors we fully understand this. However there remains a great number of people who refuse to think something cute, cuddly, warm and fuzzy could ever harm them. Dumb asses! I guess this kid and his parents never got the memo on the whole real life vs Disney films thing.


Rabies, a little late to think about that! Talk about bad parenting to, what sane person would allow their child or any kid to pick up a wild animal? I guess you gotta learn somehow.