Stormtroopers are enforcing social distancing at Disney Springs in Orlando Florida and I can't think of a better job for them. When you absolutely, positively have to enforce the law, call the Empire and enlist the Stormtroopers to get the job done right. Disney World in Orlando hasn't opened back up quite yet, they'll re-open sometime in July.

In the meantime Disney Springs has resumed business and most, if not all of the shops and restaurants are open to the public. Of course all the familiar CDC guidelines for COVID-19 are in place including social distancing, which is why the Stormtroopers are there. They make sure the general public are adhering to the rules, or else.

Leave it to Disney to find a fun way to remind the public about the necessary safety protocols. These two Stormtroopers are on top of a balcony keeping a close eye on what's going on below. They talk back and forth and to the crowd below. The female trooper isn't too happy to be there after all crowd control is a step back to being on a star destroyer and taking the fight to the Rebel Alliance. The male trooper is just trying to make the best of it. They compare the crowd to Banthas and tell them to "move along." We also learn some interesting facts about the Bantha and it's general life expectancy and size.

I'm looking forward to one day going to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Orlando Florida at Disney World and geeking out. I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan and would love to see all the rides, attractions and shows they have. Maybe once COVID-19 clears out the family and I will plan a trip to a galaxy far, far away...

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