A Texas A&M student coach is in hot water after taking some cheap shots at West Virgina University players yesterday. Michael Richardson was on the Aggie team until an injury killed his career in 2012. This didn't stop him from being “the 12th man” for the Aggies yesterday.

The coach is clearly shown first body-checking/shoving a player first. I suppose a good lawyer might be able to convince a crowd of Aggie supporters that it was just a “heat of the moment” defensive thing. The second offence though, well that was completely inexcusable. The Mountaineer player was clearly walking away when Richardson slugged him in the back of the head.

In defense of the Aggies, head coach Kevin Sumlin was made aware of the situation and Richardson was not allowed back on the field in the second half and was eventually sent home pending further action.

Mountaineer Daryl Worley tweeted the following:

The Aggies went on to win the Autozone Liberty Bowl 45-37. It’s sad for the team and the players that the win won’t be the thing people are talking about today.


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