I know what you're thinking, I can't spell. Let me just say, it's not me for once.

Listen, I write these blogs all the time throughout the week. I make spelling mistakes, I get called out on them regularly. What do I do in that situation, go in and fix it. Looks like over in Abilene, 77-year-old Gary Rutledge is letting his spelling mistake fly. He owns R&R Appliances and recently put a sign in the front of his store that says 'No Democrates Allowed'.


Just did a quick search and yup, that's not a word. Obviously, he meant democrats. I guess technically everyone is welcome in the store right now since a democrate does not exist. "I have the right to freedom of speech, I've given fair warning. Don't come in my store," said Rutledge to News4SA.

He believes that the left stole the election and they are trying to make America a socialist country. "I don't hate democrats, I just don't want to be around them, don't want anything to do with them," said Rutledge. He said he refuses to take the sign down, but he might correct the spelling.

I'm not gonna lie man, it sounds like you do hate democrats or democrates. Either way man, you got some good advertising for your business. His spelling mistake was one of the most trending things on Twitter this week. So to all you spelling fanatics in Abilene, I hope you drive by this place and go nuts every day.

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