While your mom probably made it look easy, roasting turkey isn't the easiest thing in the world to pull off. There's a pretty big chance it can come out dry and overcooked. (see National Lampoons Xmas Vacation) All the same, there's a possibility of that bird coming out a little under cooked, which can veritably poison the whole fam. That ain't cool either.

If you want the most traditional Thanksgiving meal in America, take this beginners guide and do work.

If you're wanting something a little different, or you're not willing to take such a huge risk in ruining your holiday, you can always do what my family does. Thanksgiving taco bar. It's quick to cook, easy to clean, and I've never heard of a normal person not loving tacos. Big plus if you prepare a side-bar of nachos for the football games that will inevitably draw attention.

Good luck.

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