Before you say it, I know... Deep frying a turkey is playing right into the stereotype of living in the Southern states. Still, I digress, it's ridiculously tasty. It's also really easy to do, cooks really fast, and very hard to mess up.

It all starts with your bird. It can be just about any size you want. A little Cajun injection for flavor and moisture, a spicy rub around the outside, dip it in some hot peanut oil for three and a half minutes per pound, and you're on your way to the best turkey dinner modern man has every devised.

That being said, like most awesome things, this comes with a little danger. Surely you've heard about or read some true horror stories about frying turkey. It happens sometimes to stupid people. But as long as you have a level and secure footing for your fry kit, and your bird isn't frozen - aka - full of water... you'll be just fine. Turkey kits are cheap, and they last a very long time. I'm pretty sure our kit has fried 100+ birds, and it's just now showing signs of age.

Good luck, don't be stupid, and enjoy the tastiest Thanksgiving meal you'll ever have.


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