The great candy debate has started up once again. We go through this each and every year as we get closer to Halloween and trick or treating. The question that's on everyone's mind "What's the best and worst Halloween candy?" Opinions vary of course because we're talking about personal taste and likes vs cold hard facts. Everyone's got a favorite and everyone's got a dislike when it comes to Halloween candy.

Myself I'm more of a Smarties, Twizzlers, Starburst and hard candy fan, which works out perfectly because I can trade away chocolates and get more of what i want and usually I can trade on a 1 for 3-4 ratio. If you haven't yet seen the in depth, instructional video on Halloween candy trading check it out here. That way you're more likely to make better trades and walk away from the table with what you want and in much greater quantities. There's an art to it, but with practice you too could become an expert.

Generally speaking I like most Halloween candy, I do have my favorites but the things I don't particularly like still get eaten, but only after all the other good stuff is gone. As a kid you learned quickly that YOU NEVER threw out candy even if you didn't really like it. This same practice follows most us us into adulthood, or at least it should. I'm not a big candy or sweets kind of guy but once a year I get my fill during Halloween. So I'll spend most of October gorging on an unhealthy diet of candy and other snacks, then I'll be good until next year. Minus pecan and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving of course.

I have to say I agree with the video, I'm not a fan of candy corn. However I've heard that if you mix candy corn and peanuts it taste just like a Payday candy bar and if you melt it in a pot and let it harden it kind of tastes like a Butterfinger. I might have to test this theory this year and report back. The video has a pretty good cross-section of regular candy and candy bars and if you stay in the top 10 or 5 you'll be a big hit with the trick or treaters in your neighborhood and avoid the embarrassment of being the house to avoid. Or worse yet, get TP'd or possibly egged. Buy and hand out the "Good Stuff."

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