As Fall begins to invade from the North, we start to look forward to many Fall novelties around the area. That familiar smell of fireplace, cool bright sunny days, and the popping color of the changing trees. We don't actually get a ton of that Fall change in the trees around SWOK, but if you look, you'll find it.

As we've learned in the last few years, getting a look isn't as simple as running through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The majority of the trees tend to head straight to brown before dropping leaves, but a lot of the roadside bushes flush into yellow, orange, and deep reds. And believe it or not, some of the prettiest Fall colors can be found in and around Lawton. Like the bundles of trees that line the medians on Cache Road.

A lot of the similar, but different varieties of trees will turn at different times. There's a small line of trees just past Wendy's that has an almost warm rainbow effect. Lining up early from green to yellow, orange, then red. It's awesome to watch the colors change everyday for those short two weeks. There's also some huge, possibly sycamores on 6th Street, a block South of Ferris that practically glow yellow for a week or two most years. Last year, with the sudden weather change, they practically went brown instantly.

You can also make the drive to Talimena to take the scenic drive, but it'll feel like forever getting over there. Whatever you decide to do, start looking for those drastic changes over the first two and a half weeks of November. That's our forecast for SWOK according to

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