Meet Jacob. Jacob was a picky eater growing up. He's never tasted pie, and decides he'll give it a go with an all-American apple pie.... but he doesn't like it, and describes why.

Pie is not good.

Sure, it's sweet and savory. With enough sugar and butter, you could make kale taste sweet and savory too, but there aren't too many people that would like it.


It's a texture thing. Some people like the chew of food. I'm one of those people, and I'm not a picky eater. I'll try anything a few times before deciding I don't like it, but there are few things I won't eat. Soup, stew, pie, etc... soft foods like this just aren't appetizing at all. The chew is what food is all about, more so than the actual taste. That's something you can't get with pie. It's just sweet mush. As mush is all most of us will be able to eat as we get really old, I'm just in the sense of mind to wait until I absolutely have to eat mush, to eat mush.

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