If there are only three things every person should know about Texas, it's this... Anybody that moves to Texas is welcome to call themselves Texan. High school football is far more important than college or professional football. And the one thing Texas holds higher than anything else is bar-be-que.

Texas Monthly just released their top 100 Best BBQ in Texas list, and it's not just the regulars finding a home in the top ten. A few of those familiar names that have dominated the BBQ category in the Lone Star State have fallen, and a few newbies have taken their place.

Case and point, Franklin BBQ in Austin was considered for a long time, the greatest place in Texas to grab the holy trinity of meat. Now that amazing brisket doesn't even make the top five. Has it gone down in quality? Not according to the professional review... more or less, the new BBQ guys in town have found a new way to take on a slow-cooked classic, and they're considered to be better.

On a side note, because it somehow didn't make the top 50... If you're ever off in West Texas near Brownwood, you might pop into Underwoods Cafeteria. It's an iconic BBQ joint that still makes BBQ the same way it was made in the 60's. Those native to SWOK might remember the Lawton location, and those I've known that have made the trip usually take a few ice chests with them so they can load up and bring that taste of nostalgia home with them.

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