Just as Winter seems to be tightening its grip on fishing weather, Medicine Creek in the heart of Medicine Park has just been restocked again (2-19-18) with trout. That means it's ripe for pulling lean protein out of the water. While fishing in freezing rain isn't fun at all, that won't stop the die-hards from casting their rods. And in the somewhat protected vistas of Medicine Park, you might go ahead and try something new.

Like we talked about last time the fish were stocked, you don't need a bunch of fancy gear to get started. Most trout in Oklahoma is caught with cheap spinning combos. The kind of tackle you can pick up with a bait/lure kit for under $20 at Walmart or Academy. Watch the video below, then get out there for a few hours.

As a gentle reminder, you'll need an Oklahoma fishing license, found here...

And is some additional information Medicine Creek.

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