How many times a day, week or month do you drive around only to see the infamous Orange sign then to be met with the bounty of Orange cones and barrels? Ah the joy of road work. Plenty of it going on in our area. But no matter how fast and efficient that out city and state crews are to getting out and fixing the roads, there are still many that are in bad shape.

I spoke with the manager of a local garage and said they see on average 150 - 200 cars a year that come in due to damage done by a pot hole or a bad place in the road. Most of the time it is a simple tire fix $100 -$150. But he said if the entire wheel gets damaged, you are looking at $250 plus.

So with that in mind, I set out to find the worst roads in Lawton and Duncan. And did I find some bad places.

NW 53 Between Cache Road and Gore Blvd

This stretch of road is three lane that services Cache Road to North and Gore to the South. Eisenhower High school is at the end if this street so there is a multitude of traffic that uses this on a daily basis. This gap / buckle stretches for well over 3 blocks.





16th Street Between Gore Blvd and Farris Ave

This is a residential area that really does not see a large amount of traffic. How ever, it still should be repaired so that cars do not bounce around even at the 25 mph posted limit.





10th Street (Duncan) Between Hillcrest and Jones

I have to throw one ion from my city. This is one of the main streets that runs the entire length of Duncan. And this section of 10th street will jar you around not to mention mess the alignment on your vehicle. This has been reported to the city and the city council. Still waiting.




South 5th Street - South of Lee

This section of 5th street was submitted by a listener that uses this road to travel back and forth to work. I went out and traveled it for my self. Horrible condition and I bounced around at 20 mph, lower than posted limit.





7th & D Ave

I had to save this one for last.. It is directly across from our studio. Really? If you forget (which I have) and hit that thing at "o-dark-30" like I and many other have, It is a rude awakening. There are emergency vehicles that access that street all the time. you would think it could get filled to start with. Well maybe.




Bottom line. Be careful when you are driving around. You never know when you are going to come upon a bad part of the road. It may be a pot hole, it maybe wear and tear, it may be due to the heat buckling the road.

Just keep in mind also that the street department has many many jobs on the list. And just like any thing else, they get prioritized. So the bad road in your neighbor hood or the road you travel to wok on a daily basis may not get fixed before another one. Have patience. If you think it has gone too long, call the city. Voice your opinion to the city council.

How many pot holes or bad sections of road have you driven over in the last week?