It's been called one of the most haunted places in all of Oklahoma, and that's saying a lot!  There are all kinds of creepy and disturbing stories about this location being told, some even becoming legends.

So what is this haunted place and what are the stories people are telling? It's Tucker Cemetery in Comanche, OK. right outside of Duncan in Stephens County. It's rumored to be a very terrifying and active haunt.

Hit play on the video below to take a virtual tour of Tucker Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery is abandoned and features both marked and unmarked graves. There are stories of murder, suicide, and all sorts of evil misdeeds that have supposedly taken place there throughout the years.

Several people have ventured into the cemetery and documented their experiences. Everything from seeing apparitions, light orbs, and shadow figures to hearing voices, along with other strange and unusual noises.

There are stories of seeing grave markers flipping and tombstones falling over. Some of the scarier tales are of old man Tucker himself walking the grounds and hearing children screaming and crying.

Watch the video below for an overview of the cemetery & an inside look at the cellar

The cemetery also has an old empty cellar or basement on the property. Some think it was a part of an old school building, others say it was a part of the Tucker house that once stood where the cemetery is now.

The stories of the cellar include murders that took place there and even buried bodies under the cellar. As if all this isn't creepy enough there are also tales of strange voodoo and satanic cults that use the property for ceremonies and practices. So it seems that both the living and dead are occupying the cemetery!

Investigators from all over have made the trip to Tucker Cemetery to hunt ghosts

Now before you decide to rush off and take a look for yourself know this. Tucker Cemetery is on private property and it's clearly marked "No Trespassing." Ignore the signs and you could get yourself into trouble.

That's not to say you couldn't get permission, but you'd have to ask around and see if you could come up with a contact. Personally, I'd love to make the trip. It's only a short 45 minutes away from Lawton, Fort Sill.

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