Oklahoma's "Free Fishing Days" are coming up this weekend starting Saturday, June 5th through Sunday, June 6th (06-05-21 to 06-06-21). You can fish local and area public lakes, ponds and other places throughout Oklahoma without the need for a state fishing license. It's the perfect time to introduce people, especially kids, to fishing and the great outdoors. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation does this every year and it's always a fun family weekend of fishing and spending time together. So if you didn't have any plans for this weekend, you do now! Grab the tackle, poles and head to the water... 

I have a lot of chores and different projects I'm working on this weekend, including a bathroom remodel. But, I'm definitely going to make some time to go fishing sometime Saturday or Sunday, maybe both. Kelso and I usually spend a day or two pond and lake hoping casting and catching whatever is biting. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a great place to go with tons of places you can fish and we usually have good luck out at the mountains. Plus you can't beat the view, it's beautiful out there.

So invite someone to go fishing this weekend. If you've never been fishing and would like to go, ask a friend, family member or neighbor to take you out. More than likely you know someone who fishes and I'm sure would love to take you along. They should have everything you'll need so you shouldn't have to buy a bunch of stuff to get started and get out there.  Who knows you might get "hooked" on fishing!

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