Ah, the mysteries of the female body.

For many of us, our first exposure to the mysteries of female anatomy comes in one of two ways:

1. The poorly-hidden Playboy collection in our father’s bottom desk drawer. (Come on, did he really think we wouldn't lift up that 10-year-old copy of Rod and Reel Magazine? He doesn't even fish.)


2. Maxi pad and tampon commercials.

While the first can help create some unlikely, yet enjoyable, mental fantasies – the latter conjures up a false, and ultimately disappointing, expectation of the ever-mysterious female menstrual period.

One man in the UK named Richard Neill has taken the combined confusion, frustration and fear surrounding the fantasy world of maxi pad commercials and let loose on the Facebook page of UK sanitary napkin manufacturer, Bodyform His post currently has 80,000+ Likes, and is bloody brilliant. Yes, pun intended. You're welcome.

BodyForm Facebook Rant

Not to be outdone, Bodyform responded to Richard in a YouTube video featuring fictional Bodyform
CEO, Caroline Williams. The resulting social media conversation has the internet applauding:

Could Richard’s rant, and Bodyform’s response spell a new era in “feminine protection” advertising? Is
this the end of the mysterious “blue liquid?”

Only time will tell, but Vegas is laying odds on when the Cialis Facebook page receives a similar rant for creating unrealistic expectations that it can help turn women into ukulele playing, sex hungry, wood nymphs.

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