Check out this self driving Russian taxi making it's way with passenger through the streets of Moscow after a snowfall. It's amazing how it recognizes traffic, intersections and even pedestrians. We've all seen the vehicles that can parallel park itself, or the trucks that can auto connect trailers but this is a whole new level!

I'm still not 100% convinced this is safe, or a good idea. It's pretty cool though and I could see using something like this on long boring trips and on straight highways. Imagine a road trip where you could let go of the steering wheel and really enjoy your drive thru burger and fries without the hassle of trying to drive. Now that wouldn't be a bad thing, in short spurts. This could also help out on driver fatigue if you don't have a passenger that can drive.

Well it's official, we don't have flying cars at least practical and affordable ones, but we do have self driving cars! It's crazy how far the technology has come and what we've been able to accomplish, we're getting closer and closer to living like the Jetsons. So when can we expect jetpacks and food pills? I'm sure they're on the way!

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