While Spring has been nice this year with reasonably cool temps and, well, at least Lawton has escaped the severe weather for the most part, Summer swept into SWOK this week with hot temps and oppressive humidity. That means only one thing... Hope you're ready to start scrubbing your windshields. I don't know why bugs find highways as the preferred destination to hover, but they do, and we all pay for it. Not only in terms of cash with washing the car and specialty windshield cleaner, but there's sweat equity there too. While gas stations are nice enough to put window wands out at the pumps, they almost always smell like sewer water and hardly work as more and more people use and abuse them.

So what's the answer to the bug question? Bug nets.

I know it sounds stupid, but hear me out. As much money as our own governments waste in each calendar year, this is something that benefits everyone. Rich, poor, fast drivers, slow drivers, even the a-holes that still haven't found those blinkers, we all benefit from lining our highways with bug nets. If there aren't any bugs to hit rolling down the road, there isn't any time be wasted cleaning them off... Time is money, money buys pizza, pizza is power. Plus there'd be a bonus scenario where we could go an entire year without hitting any animals. No deer laying on the side of the road, no beer-bottle-clenching armadillos, no runaway puppies. Imagine that for a moment.

I don't know how much it would cost, but surely it's money better spent that whatever pork they managed to sneak into the budgets anyway.

It'll most likely be just a stupid dream. We'll wake up tomorrow, nothing will have changed, and you'll still need to clean up the car on a weekly basis. At least the healthy competition in town for your car wash dollars is heating up. If you haven't been by the new EZGO on Cache by 38th Street, they probably have the best car wash in town for the time being. Squeaky clean like the big guys at half the price. It's a win-win for all of us.

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