It may have been in the 20s outside this morning, but the weekend seems to be building up for some hot & nasty severe weather.

While it is hard to predict the future, the National Weather Service has the best record of accuracy in our part of the state, and they're not taking anything off the table just yet.

As of now, rain and thunderstorms are going to happen. That much is known. It's the severity of the storms that have our meteorologists puzzled.

Will there be large hail? Maybe
Damaging winds? Probably
Tornadoes? Stranger things have happened

We've already had five tornadoes in 2023 last month... but they were small and did very little damage across Northeast Oklahoma.

When they run their weather scenarios through the computer, it usually gives a few different outcomes. The NWS experts then sift through the data and take a very educated guess on what is the most likely thing to happen... but when you have a tornado forecast in the middle of winter, things aren't as straightforward and clear as they are in April and May.

Even if all hell doesn't break loose this early in the season, it's still a good time to update your household's severe weather plans.

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