If you've never been to Razzoo's Cajun Cafe you're missing out, especially if you're a fan of Cajun cuisine. Unfortunately we don't have one in Lawton, Fort Sill, but maybe someday one will open up *fingers crossed*. If so you'll find me there most days and nights getting my fill of creole cooking and eating Rat Toes and Fried Gator Tail until I bust. Most Razzoo's Cajun Cafes are located in Texas, but we do have one in Oklahoma City. That's the closest one to us and it's definitely worth the short trip down I-44. It's a great place to eat!  

I had to go to Dallas a few days ago on a quick business trip to take our new Kia Soul to get wrapped at Skinz Wraps. Luckily for me I have family that lives in in Fort Worth, so while I was waiting for them to get the Kia done I hung out with them and we went to  Razzoo's for a bite to eat. I wish we had one in Lawton, but anytime I'm in Texas or Oklahoma City I stop in and hog out.

They have some great Cajun food and it's just a really cool and fun place to eat. This trip I decided to go with their Andouille Sausage with Red Beans and Rice. It was amazing! The family went with the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo along with the Fried Catfish and Shrimp Basket. Of course no trip to Razzoo's is complete without an order or two of Rat Toes. If you've never had them or don't know what they are, Rat Toes are Crab and Shrimp stuffed deep fried Jalapenos. And yes they are DELICIOUS!

Now if we can just convince Razzoo's Cajun Cafe to open up in Lawton, Fort Sill. You never know, it could happen. Remember how long it took us to get an Olive Garden? Every time something was being built, or a new restaurant was rumored to open in town people would say "That's going to be the new Olive Garden." That went one for years, then one day it actually happened. So who knows maybe the same thing could happen, but this time we'll get our very own Razzoo's! So it has been said, so let it be written...

Razzo's Cajun Cafe In Fort Worth, Texas

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