Whataburger is going to throw their logo on anything they can and people will buy it.

In case you missed my rant on the Christmas Sweater that Whataburger revealed a couple of week ago, you can check that out here. If you're in one of those psychopathic families that wear Christmas sweaters every year, you can do that in a Whataburger sweater. Now if you're a rational human being, you usually spend Christmas morning in your pajamas.

A Christmas tradition I have seen recently is on Christmas Eve, kids get new pajamas, hot chocolate and a Christmas movie as an early gift. I like this tradition and it is 100% improvement from the dumb Christmas sweater tradition that should have died in the 80's. What kind of pajamas do you get for that favorite person in your life?


Well, if you know someone that loves Whataurger, they now have official pajamas. The good thing is the pajamas are not really Christmas related, so you could wear them all year long without any judgement from the family. I mean, you can wear your Santa underwear in August for all I care.

The pajamas are the classic orange and white look that we expect from anything Whataburger. They come complete with rows of fries, burgers and winged Whataburger "W" signs. The Whataburger pajamas are priced at $24.99 for adults and $21.99 for children.

So if you need some new pajamas and love Whataburger, sounds like you have to pick some up today. I guess you could pick up the sweater as well, but don't be sending me one.

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