It's almost here, we're only a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving. Hard to believe, not this Thursday but next Thursday we'll be sitting down and feasting on turkey and all the trimmings. Whatever your plans are this year and who ever you'll be spending it with, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. This year will be difficult with COVID-19. A lot of us won't be able to travel or have our entire family at the table due to the pandemic.

I love Thanksgiving, it's one of my all time favorite holidays. I like everything about it especially the turkey. I'll eat it just about anyway it's cooked, baked, smoked, BBQ or fried. I like them all, fried is probably my favorite but it's all good. I rarely get to fry or cook a full turkey unless it's Thanksgiving or Christmas so I'm super stoked and more than ready for this year's feast. The rest of the year it's turkey breast or sliced turkey for sandwiches. I'll also eat a few of the sliced turkey in gravy meals you can get in the TV dinner or frozen food section at the grocery store. But nothing beats the real deal. Plus the left overs for soup and sandwiches!

With everything that's going on right now there's a lot of people who will be preparing their very first Thanksgiving meal for themselves instead of going over to a family member or friend's house for the big meal. I saw a survey a few days ago that said over 25% of Americans will be preparing Thanksgiving for the first time in their lives. I wish them all the best and hope it all turns out, I'm sure it will.

We all have our favorites when it comes to Thanksgiving. I have to say turkey is at the top of my list followed by stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy then rolls, cranberry sauce and finally pecan pie. So what's your favorite? Take the poll and lets see what the most popular Thanksgiving menu item is in Lawton, Fort Sill.

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