I'm sure by now the news of Netflix and the movie "Cuties" has reached your news feed. The controversy centers around a French film that Netflix licensed to be on it's streaming service. The movie tells the story of an 11 year old girl who struggles with her family's strict upbringing and her rebellion by joining a twerking teen dance crew.

Part of the controversy behind the film is the movie poster that Netflix revised. The original poster has the cast fully clothed and running down the street with shopping bags. The revised poster that has since been re-revised showed the girls in skimpy, revealing clothing on stage posed seductively. Originally this was the imagine Netflix went with to help promote the film to U.S. audiences. The poster angered a lot of people as it inappropriately sexualized under age girls.

The film was written and directed by Senegalese Maïmouna Doucouré and is her directorial debut which won a directing award from the Sundance Institute.The movie is billed as a coming of age film that explores adolescent challenges and how society views a young women's femininity. Overseas the movie hasn't created a lot of complaints, but in the States people are outraged by the sexual overtones and how it portraits young girls in a sexual manner. As a dad I have to agree, I think it's disgusting.

Since this whole thing started there have been boycotts and #CancelNetfilx has been trending on most, if not all social media platforms. More and more people are cancelling their subscriptions due to this film and it's content. The official YouTube channel for Netflix where the Cuties Trailer is posted has over 1.9 million dislikes and counting.

There are even politicians getting involved as several members of congress have already address this and have asked Netflix to voluntarily remove it. They're even asking the Department of Justice to look into it and see if any Federal laws were violated against the production and distribution of child pornography. So what are your thoughts, will you be cancelling your Netflix account over this?

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