Looks like someone wasn't happy about their order being wrong.

Over in Del City, Oklahoma, police are investigating an incident at a local Sonic. According to Major Mike Arterbury, the person in the drive thru was upset that their order of chicken tenders had come with the wrong sauce. The driver handed the receipt and the food back through the drive thru. An argument ensued and the Sonic employees told them they were refusing them service and threw the money back at the driver.

It appears in the video that the driver was not too happy about having her money thrown back at her. She then gets out of her car and screams at the drive thru window. She also tries to get through a side door into the restaurant. A passenger then gets out of the vehicle and also starts yelling at employees. He also threw some punches at the window. Employees then put the building on lock down and locked all of the doors.

At this point they thought this incident was over. Before pulling away, the male passenger chucked a glass bottle at the front door shattering the glass. No one was hurt during this incident, but the Major says they plan on charging the two with destruction of private property.

Police were looking for these two over the weekend, but were able to locate them later that day. Their names have not been released at this time.

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