The latest band featured on our Local Licks @ Six was Bomb Sticky. The band is back together with all its original members who founded the band back in 2001. They have a new album, 'Bomb Sticky,' and are working on more original material.

Bomb Sticky is another great example of label defiance, you really can't call them this or that. I guess the best description of what they're all about comes from the band itself who describe their sound as psychedelic metal and I'd agree with that.

With  influences ranging from Pantera, Alice In Chains, Metallica  and Pink Floyd  they've managed to  meld all these different influences together with their own unique sound to create something all together different. Acid rock meets metal!

'We've reunited and our self-titled album is only three months old, but we are already looking forward to writing and recording even more new music," said lead singer Josh Haugen.

The varying tempos, melodies, vocal styles and deliveries are well balanced. They have a great contrast of both hard and soft textures that seem to blend together without effort or disruption.

'There are very few places for us to play live even in Oklahoma City, for example the Samurai closed down, along with several other venues, so any opportunity we have to play live we jump on," said drummer Jason Haugen.


Bomb Sticky is: Josh Haugen - GUITAR & VOCALS / Jason Hodge - BASS / Jason Haugen - DRUMS

Their new self titled album has been out for three months now and we're hoping to see them back in Lawton sometime soon. Maybe a release party at the Railhead Saloon. If you missed our show you can download all three tracks we featured on the band's Facebook.

I'd like to thanks Bomb Sticky for making the trip from Oklahoma City and hanging out with us we really appreciate it. To stay up to date, informed and abreast with all things Bomb Sticky including music and merch check out their official Facebook page or their ReverbNation site.

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