Spell is this week's featured artist on Z94's "Local Licks @ Six". They stopped by the studios instruments in hand to talk with us about the band, their new drummer Armand Lotman, the upcoming new album release and give us an update on when we'll have the next opportunity to see them live.

Spell is: Tracy Austin VOCALS / Wil Jones GUITAR / John Paul L. BASS / Armand Lotman DRUMS

Spell got it's beginnings as a cover band that focused primarily on acoustic "unplugged" performances, but have recently transformed into a band that's working on their own songs. We had the privilege to be the first to share their music and hear first hand what Spell have become. They've been hard at work on the band's first album of all original material. This is a band that's as comfortable plugged in and rocking as they are playing acoustic. More than just comfortable, they do both very well. Pretty rare these days that a band can do both and pull it off. Having been a cover band for years they've learned to play and perform several different types of music including: rock, blues and even metal. Another rarity these days among artists. As good as these guys are and the musicianship they've developed throughout the years is coming together to create a sound that Spell can call their own.

The band is fronted by the lovely Tracy Austin who has been classically trained and capable of singing everything from opera to metal and everything in between. To say she's a singer is an understatement, she's a vocalist. Her influences range from Tracy Chapman to Metallica that's a huge gap! The band too has a very wide pool of influences that are all over the place. Spell can cover them all but more importantly are taking this wide range approach to their songwriting.  I asked how they could do that and how Tracy can sing all these different styles she explains it this way "If I can feel the song I can sing it". When she sings it you'll be feeling it too! The entire band is made up of long term musicians that are real talents on their chosen instrument. They brought with them 2 new songs "originals" from their upcoming album "Spiral" that should be released sometime within the next few months. They also brought in their instruments for an in studio acoustic jam session. Here's the interview and all the tracks that were featured on the show including the live in studio acoustic cover of Alice In Chains "Nutshell".






"Anger Rising" TRACK #01

"Faded Gold" TRACK #02

Exclusive in studio acoustic cover of Alice In Chains "Nutshell" TRACK #03

I’d like to thank Spell for stopping by, hanging out with us and for the live in studio performance. To stay up to date with the band, dates, music, merch Visit them on Spell's official Facebook page.

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