Last Friday night (06-29-12) Dischordia made the trip from OKC and stopped by the studios, our featured artist of the week on Z94's 'Local Licks @ Six'. Despite being on a tight schedule they still managed to make time to hang out for a quick interview and play a few cuts off their E.P. 'Creator, Destroyer' before taking the stage that night at the Railhead.

Dischordia just recently wrapped up their 'Waystation Tour' and now plan to head to L.A. to begin recording their new album. No title or release date has been given quite yet, they hope to complete the new project and begin touring again by the end of this year. They currently have about thirty songs written and will narrow that down to about 10 tracks, maybe more and include them on the new disk. Looking forward to it!

Dischorida are described as a technical death metal band, but there's a lot more to their sound than that. These guys can make a hell of a lot of noise for just three people! They've crafted a powerful sound that incorporates both modern and classic death metal. The end result is a sonic assault that contains incredible riffs, sweeping frenzied solos, thundering blast beats and a lower toned growling vocal that all comes together with marksmen like precision. Technical yes,  but with groove! Dischordia have risen above the white noise of the genre and have created something truly unique. Masterfully technical death metal with hook and meaning.

It's the true test of what separates the men from the boys! Dischorida have built a solid reputation as a live band. An accomplishment most technical death metal artists rarely if ever achieve. Due to the complexity and difficulty of what this particular genre demands a lot of times it just doesn't translate well live. There's a huge difference between studio and stage, for Dischorida there's little to no difference.

So how did they pull this off? Their albums have a 'live' feel to them, despite all the technical musicianship there's a very human element to Dischordia. Too often technical death metal bands obsess over the nearly impossible arrangements they create without regard to likeability. In other words they produce a technically superior sound that no one really cares about. Normally speaking you don't mention catchy when talking about this type of music. Unless you're talking about Dischordia!


Dischordia is: Josh Turner - VOCALS & BASS / Keeno - GUITARS & VOCALS / Josh Fallin - DRUMS

I'd like to thank Dischordia for coming in and being a part of Z94's 'Local Licks @ Six'. Looking forward to the new album, hopefully later this year and seeing the band live. Sadly I missed them at the Railhead last Friday night so I'll have to wait until next time. To stay up to date with the band and for music, merch and dates check out their official facebook page for all things Dischordia!