Deadcore is this week's featured artist on Z94's "Local Licks @ Six". The band has been around the local music scene since 2000 Several line-up changes have taken place throughout the years in their pursuit to create the perfect sound and mix of personality that Deadcore is today. With 7 members in the band the current line up has been in place since 2007 and is their most aggressive, pounding and popular line-up ever. Deadcore have mannaged to blend all types of influences from Devildriver, Slipknot, American Head Charge, Otep, Mushroomhead and Ramstein along with their love of horror movies all together in an all out assault on the senses.


Deadcore is: Josh Katvala VOCALS / Melissa Tehauno VOCALS / Dayton Kell GUITAR / Wes GUITAR / Bear BASS / Elvis Keel SAMPLES / Jay Tehauno DRUMS

The show's as aggressive as the music! Deadcore might not have started out as a make up band but have developed their own unique stage presence, style  and theatrics. Once they suit up, make up and the costumes are on  they transform into a seven headed hydra of hard hitting heavy metal that leaves audiences speechless and deaf everywhere they go. The band has quite a following from Lawton to Oklahoma City, Norman and beyond. They've opened for Otep, Devildriver and look forward to each live performance regardless of where it is, or who they're playing with. The tireless touring and energy this band brings to the stage and recording makes them one of the most popular metal acts in the area.


Some footage of the band in Oklahoma City when they opened for Otep at the Bricktown Live:

More live footage of the band this one was filmed at the Railhead here in Lawton, Ft. Sill

Deadcore brought with them a 3 song sampler from their as of yet untitled E.P. they hope to release sometime this summer, maybe as soon as May. One of the tracks "The Rite" that includes some ass kicking narrative from Mr. Samuel L. Jackson has never been performed live or heard outside the band. We had the privilege of playing it first! Looking forward to the new E.P. and the next opportunity to see the band perform live Saturday, March 17th "St. Patrick's Day" at the Railhead for the St. Paddy's Day F*N Metal Show sharing the bill with Anialas and Systematic Destruction! Here's the interview with the band and "3fer Madness" all the music that was featured on the show.






"Just Walk Away" TRACK #01

"Blue Skin" TRACK #02

"The Rite" TRACK #03

I’d like to thank Deadcore for stopping by the studios and hanging out. To stay up to date with the band, dates, music and merch visit their official Facebook page.

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