When that hot rodeo action isn't exciting enough, strap on a don't-penetrate-me-vest and step into the arena with a bull. Last man standing takes the cash. Sounds legit right? But here's the catch. The $100 you win probably won't cover your medical deductible.

While some states have outlawed this, ahem, "sport"... others still fly their adrenaline soaked freak-flag high as a standard of bravery, manhood, and inebriation.

The real confusing thing about this video is the location. Oklahoma? I can see it happening. Wyoming? Absolutely. Texas? Probably sponsored by Whataburger! But this legendary event happens every year at the 'legendary' Stegall's Arena Rodeo in Concord, North Carolina! I didn't even know rodeo was popular on, well, either of our big coasts. And that's not the end of it... Rodeo is so popular there, it's still happening in frequency! Every Sunday at this particular place throughout the warmer months of the year. Mind. Blown.

If you ever get the chance to be a bull bowling pin, sleep on it. It might be a rush, but looks like more fun to watch.

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