If you've been down Gore Boulevard lately you've seen all the construction going on near the 18th block at 1801 West Gore. So what's being built? It's the new Chiefs Smokin Icehouse! We've been anxiously waiting for the new location to open and it's looking like they'll be ready for customers sometime next month. We spoke with General Manger Emily Wallace and they hope to open December 1st, if not by the 2nd week.

This will be the third location for Chiefs Smokin' Icehouse. They have stores located at 1315 SW Lee Blvd and 3150 N.W. Cache Road in Lawton. If you've never been in and aren't familiar with Chiefs they have all kinds of bottled and fountain drinks, candy, snacks, ice cold beer, energy drinks, vapor/tobacco products and killer coffee. Not just any old coffee...Chiefs Smokin' Icehouse carries and serves Black Rifle Coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee is Veteran owned/operated and has some of the best coffee around and you can get it at Chiefs Smokin' Icehouse. Not only by the cup they also have bags of ground coffee and K-Cups as well. At the Cache Road location and coming soon soon at the Gore store you can also get hand crafted coffees made to order. So what about Lee Blvd? Well they plan to start offering hand crafted coffees there as well very soon.

It's great to see something opening up versus closing down, we've seen enough of that lately thanks to COVID-19. Plus the new location is right down the street from the studios so I'll be able to stop in, grab my coffee and snacks before, during and after work. Isn't that convenient! *Fingers crossed that it opens soon*   

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