The family and I have been doing little min-vacations and stay-cations throughout the Summer months running around Oklahoma and seeing all the sites. Instead of just doing one big vacation we decided to split it up into several smaller vacations and stay right here in Oklahoma.

There's a lot to see and do in the state and you don't realize just how much there is until you start driving and visiting places. I have to say we've had a great time and we still have a few more trips planned before school starts and Summer comes to an end.

I've heard from friends and family several times throughout the years about just how beautiful the Talimena National Scenic Byway is, but I've never had the opportunity to make the drive myself. I plan on changing that this Summer. It's been said that it's the most scenic drive in all of Oklahoma, this I have to see! It's about 4 hours from Lawton, Fort Sill so not too far away.

The byway starts at the Talimena State Park in Talihina, OK. and runs a little over 50 miles through Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. There's lots of small towns along the way to make stops and site see. It seems like the perfect family stay-cation and road trip.

Now we have to decide if we want to go during the Summer, or wait a few more months and go during the Fall. I'm thinking in the Fall so we can see all the different colors and leaves changing. We'll make stops along the way in Talihina, Wilburton and Poteau, OK. along with Mena, Fort Smith and Waldron, AR. We'll break the trip up into a few days so we can fully enjoy the drive, views and all the towns.

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