First Baptist Church in downtown Lawton located at 501 S.W. B Avenue will be having a food distribution event tomorrow morning (04-10-21) starting at 9:00am. They'll be handing out FREE FOOD that includes milk, meat, dairy and produce while supplies last. Just stop by the church and pick up a free sack of groceries, limit one bag or box per car.

First Baptist Church has done an amazing job of helping others throughout the COVID-19 pandemic providing food, meals and comfort to those in need. It's been a really rough year or so with everything that's been going on. People are in greater need than ever before and thankfully First Baptist Church is stepping up to do what they can where they can to help out. First Baptist Church Lawton, OK. First Baptist Church Lawton, OK.

Oklahoma was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Next to Louisiana, Oklahoma is considered to be the state most negatively affected by the virus and all the economic havoc it created. It was tough Nationwide but the Sooner state took a huge hit both economically and health wise. Due to the pandemic a lot of people are out of work and in need of basic essentials such as food and shelter.

Things are starting to improve and it's looking like the reported positive cases of COVID-19 has slowed, along with hospitalizations and deaths. Even so it's going to take awhile for Oklahomans to recover financially and regain stable employment, security and a return to normalcy. Luckily we're starting to see some improvements locally with more jobs coming to town, employers are starting to re-hire and more businesses are opening back up.

If you're in need of food stop by First Baptist Church 501 S.W. B Avenue this Saturday, April 10th (04-10-21) at 9:00am to get some FREE GROCERIES. 

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