This guy takes one for the team and decides to video himself to record any side effects after taking the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. He received the vaccination and spent the next 2 weeks doing daily videos to tell people how he's feeling and what you can expect from getting the shot. It's a little concerning and spoiler alert, there's side effects.

While this is all a joke and a funny one at that it does bring up some serious questions and concerns with not only the Russian vaccine, but all COVID-19 vaccines as well.

By now I'm sure you've heard the news that the Russians have supposedly created and approved a COVID-19 vaccine. This is reportedly the very first vaccine for Coronavirus and is being administered to select groups of people, mainly the elderly and immune suppressed. It's about to be available for widespread use, if it hasn't been already. It was fast tracked and went from research, development, human trials with only 76 people participating to approved and ready for the masses. Needless to say it has doctors, scientists and of course people in general very concerned.

There's no telling if there will be any real side effects, both short and long term with as fast as the vaccine came out. We have the same questions and concerns here in the U.S. We definitely want a vaccine and really anything else which may help slow or stop COVID-19, but what about safety and effectiveness? We keep hearing that scientist are getting closer  and closer to getting a vaccine to the public and it has a lot of people worried and for good reason. I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about it myself.

The hard part is not only how safe it is, but how effective. So that brings us to the question. When a COVID-19 vaccine is available here in the states will you take it?

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