This dog does an amazing Harry Potter impression that's unbelievable! It must have taken years of disciplined training and hard work for this K-9 to mimic in absolute perfection the beloved wizard of Hogwarts. It's spellbinding in it's simplicity and sure beauty... MAGNIFICENT!

Maybe it's not the funniest video you've seen online, but it's certainly one of the funniest this week! Man's best friend the noble K-9 is a majestic creature unlike any other in the animal kingdom. Cat people could never understand what it means to have a dog and the love, loyalty and protection they provide. Not to mention all the hilarity these animal create.

A HUGE thank you to the owners of this wonderful dog for grabbing the phone and forever immortalizing this spectacular performance. No brooms were harmed in the making of this video, at least I don't think so...A big thanks too for the inclusion of the recorder, music to my ears!

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