It seems like we just had this discussion about BBQ not too long ago, but good steak is no different. When you have a craving for a succulent piece of beef, the drive is always worth that first bite if it's delicious. Here in Lawton, we're kind of in a weird state of steak, just like the state of our BBQ. Here's where it gets opinionated, so if you disagree, that's fair as it's your opinion.

Just like the BBQ joints here in town, the steak places are mostly national franchises. That doesn't mean they aren't good, but lets be honest, there's a huge difference between homemade and chain BBQ, same goes for steak. While I'll admit, here locally, I really like Texas Roadhouse. In fact, our Texas Roadhouse and the Stillwater Texas Roadhouse are the only two 'Roadhouses' I'll eat at. The rest of them across the state always disappoint, so I stick with what I know. Outback isn't bad, but I'm just not a sirloin guy. Santa Fe closed, and having ate there a time or two, it's understandable. There is a good steak place in Temple, but I think I get the exact same steak at Texas Roadhouse without the two hour drive. Now that I've set the ground rules and expectations, here's another place to try. The Rock House in Talahina.

You might be saying "Who's going to drive three hours to eat a steak?" and that's fair... but I would. If it's truly good steak, it's worth the trip right? And people seem to be raving about this place.

Think about the countless reviews you've read throughout modern times. You know that people don't usually go out of their way to right positive reviews, people tend to just speak up when they are let down or slighted. This is what has me thinking I need to take that day-trip for a steak. Everywhere you look online, you see nothing but positive reviews of this place. 4.9 stars on Facebook, 4.5 on TripAdvisor, 5 stars on MenuPix, 4.5 on Yelp. It's unheard of for any steak restaurant to have that high of a rating because we all like our steaks on the individual level. It looks like a fancy kind of place too with real glasses and table cloths.

Now I don't know if they really have truly great steak or not, but I'll sure be one to find out first hand. A few hours seeing the state is just a bonus on top.

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