Every County in the State of Oklahoma is covered in the State of Emergency delaration issued recently by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. The declaration covers not just flooding, but wind damage, tornado damage and severe storm damage.

Roads in nearly 2/3 of Oklahoma's 77 counties are closed because of flooding, and rain and severe storms are once again in the forecast for today through Wednesday.

According to Oklahoma Department of Transportation:

'Be alert to any water over driving lanes and don't drive around barricades. The department is not able to predict closures and conditions continue to change rapidly statewide. The agency will keep highways open for as long as it is safe to do so. Travel is discouraged in areas of eastern Oklahoma such as Muskogee and Wagoner counties as flooding conditions continue to rapidly change.

Drivers are encouraged to be prepared and partner with these agencies as they address these needs and possible delays. ODOT wants drivers to be prepared for more inconvenience and travel impacts this summer for repairs after this spring's flooding.'

Flooding in the State of Oklahoma has forced the closing of River Spirit Casino in Tulsa and the evacuation of Webbers Falls.  At least 6 people have died during the severe weather conditions in Oklahoma during the last week.

The Oklahoma State of Emergency declaration leads the way for supplies to be purchased by the state in preparation of helping our recovery process and in necessary for a Federal declaration to be made for the entire State of Oklahoma.

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