I think all of Oklahoma is looking forward to spring, mostly for warmer weather. But most Oklahomans know that when the season changes, we all start suffering from the dreaded allergies.

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A few of us around the office have had some early spring allergies with this February weather going from 70 degrees to 26 degrees in less than 24 hours. We also had high winds that brought in some dust storms, which are catastrophic for Oklahoma allergy sufferers.

Different elements affect people differently.

Of course, there's more than just dust and wind that affect those with allergies. The big categories are grass, weeds, trees and mold. I frequently suffer from allergies, so I like to follow the Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic on Facebook because during the week, they post a daily pollen and mold report. This helps allergy sufferers know if the weather that day is going to affect them, especially if they're sensitive to certain elements, they may be encouraged to stay inside that day.

Daily allergy medicines can help, but there are some beneficial home remedies for added relief.

If you're like me and take an allergy pill every day, you know that these are a huge help. But there are some days that the allergy medicine isn't cutting it, so we need some extra remedies to help with relief. A lot of these I do daily just keep the overall health of my sinuses up to snuff, but some of these I use only when I'm having a hard time with my sinuses.

Run A Cool Mist Humidifier - Daily

I swear by my cool mist humidifier - especially in the winter months. This helps keeps your nose and sinuses moist, which can relieve sinus pressure and pain. Below is my cool mist humidifier that I highly recommend! Also, be sure to use distilled water when filling up your humidifier. This keeps it clean and rid of bacteria.

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Amazon Screenshot

Use A Saline Rinse - Daily

A lot of people who suffer from sinus issues swear by a neti pot. But that has always seemed intense to me, so I use a gentle saline mist daily to, again, keep everything moist and it also helps remove bacteria and debris that may have settled into your nose during the day or overnight.


Use A Hot Or Cold Compress For Headaches

When the allergies are REALLY BAD, I always get a terrible sinus headache. It's always right in-between my eyes/behind my eyes, and I can feel it all around my head, especially in my cheeks and teeth. Just thinking about these terrible sinus headaches is giving me a headache. But one way I deal with this type of headache is, of course, some Tylenol, but also a cold compress.

Some people swear by a hot compress, but I've found that cold pressure on my sinuses helps the best. I usually just use a frozen bag of peas, but I've been eyeing this headache mask for a while now.

Soak Your Feet In Hot Water

When I first read about this home remedy for sinus pressure, I was a bit skeptical, but it actually helps! Online it said this helps draw congestion away from your head and relaxes your body. I have experimented with this, and it definitely helps! I also throw in some Epsom salt for extra relaxation.


Use Tea Bags To Ease Swollen Eyes

This one may be a little niche, but I get swollen eyes when my allergies are acting up. I've found that using brewed hot or cold tea bags helps bring down the swelling and eases the pain around my eyes. You can use black tea or green tea, whatever you have on hand! I'll brew a cup of tea (for someone else, because I despise tea) and then either let the tea bags cool on a plate or in the fridge, depends on if I want them to be warm or cold. But if you suffer from swollen eyes due to allergies, I highly recommend this remedy!

If you don't know whether you suffer from allergies or not, talk to your doctor.

All doctors in Oklahoma are used to seeing patients suffering from seasonal allergies. But if you've never experienced an Oklahoma allergy season and you're feeling under the weather, you should always talk to your doctor before trying any over the counter medicine or any home remedies.

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