If you haven't heard the news yet Lawton, Fort Sill is expecting snow, ice, sleet, freezing temperatures and some of the worst Winter weather we've seen all year. The Snowpocalypse is predicted to start early next week. There's an 80% chance of snow on Sunday, 60% chance of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday is 40%. Of course this will probably change between now and then, but we're definitely going to get some crazy weather over the next couple of days. Be safe out there and if possible stay indoors where it's warm.

Hopefully you've heeded the warnings and have been preparing for the Snowpocalypse. Every local and National weather service and news organization have been forecasting one of the worst Winter storms we've seen in years. It's certainly better to be prepared than not, so before Sunday if you haven't gotten the "Bread & Milk" I'd hit the stores while you still can. Get stocked up on all the essentials, just in case it gets really bad.

If at all possible try to stay off the roads unless it's absolutely necessary. If you do get out give yourself plenty of time to get to wherever it is you're going. Watch those bridges and overpasses, along with your speed. Give lots of room for other vehicles and braking. Avoid passing other vehicles and keep an eye out for other motorists both on the road and on the shoulder who maybe stuck. If you're inexperienced with driving on snow and ice it's better to not risk it. Maybe you could have a friend or family member take you to a parking lot to get some practice in so you can get the feel of it before hitting the road.

Most people will remain indoors where it's warm and not venture out. Be a good neighbor and keep an eye out for others, check on friends and family. Do your part to help out when and where you can. If you were in need you'd want someone to help, do the same for others. While most of us will take a snow day or two, others can't. During inclement weather, especially snow and ice there's a lot of people who are out in it helping others or trying to keep us safe. A BIG THANKS to our Police, Sheriff, Firefighters, EMTs, wrecker services, all the City of Lawton workers who assist with improving road conditions and all the lineman who head out when the power fails.

We appreciate each and everyone of them for all they do for us. Another unsung hero of inclement weather is the food delivery person. If you do end up ordering something to be delivered during the Snowpocalypse do the right thing, tip and tip generously. They're risking life, limb and even vehicle to bring you something the eat so the very least you could do is show your thanks and appreciation monetarily. After all you don't want to get out in the cold, ice and snow, but want someone else to do it for you. Bottom line...Be a good human.

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