While it may, or may not be the perfect time or weather for a frosty, frozen, flavorful treat at McDonald's like a soft serve ice cream, milk shake or a McFlurry, it soon will be. You can bet in a few short weeks it'll warm up and we'll all be in line at McDonald's looking to place an order. But, will the ice cream machine be working? That's the real question. We've all been there either in line, or at the drive thru. Waiting patiently for our turn to order. Craving a shake or ice cream to go with it only to be told "Sorry the ice cream machine is broken."

I remember a few Summers ago it seemed like every single McDonald's in Lawton, Fort Sill couldn't make shakes , McFlurries or ice cream cones because their ice cream machines weren't working. I went to all of them and kept going back for weeks and weeks before I finally got my strawberry shake. When I finally got one it was EPIC! Especially after waiting so long, I almost went to OKC just to get a shake, that's how bad I wanted one. Why do these ice cream machines always seem to break and always when you want some?

To avoid these types of situations and heartbreak in the future the website McBroken tracks all the broken ice cream machines at McDonald's throughout the U.S. Before you head to your favorite McDonald's you can check the site just to make sure they can actually make that McFlurry, shake or ice cream cone you're craving, BEFORE YOU GET THERE. Now that's brilliant and ever so convenient. We use it all the time and before we hit the road we always double check, just in case! Until McDonald's can find a better ice cream machine that doesn't brake all the time...MCBROKEN to the rescue!

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