A recent story from CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley called "On the Road" has put the holiday and gift giving spirit of Christmas a much needed boost, especially in Missouri. An anonymous business man known only as Secret Santa for the past several years handed out thousands of dollars to those less fortunate or in need of holiday spirit. He's doing it again this year with a little help.

In year's past he's given out $100,000.00 every Christmas to people who could use a little help. This year he got some some assistance in handing out the cash from the Kansas City, MO Jackson County Sheriff's Department. He deputized them, gave them $1,000.00 each and asked that they give it to others they think could use it.

With a stack of bills they hit the streets and started a sting operation like no other. They pulled people over and handed them money instead of tickets. They targeted vehicles and pedestrians that they thought could use some help. Armed with Christmas cash and holiday spirit these officers made a huge difference in the lives of others in the community they serve.

Earlier this week another video of police in Lowell, Michigan went viral that showed officers pulling people over and giving them Christmas gifts. You can see that video here. With all the bad press law enforcement has received lately it's great to see videos like this. Not all cops are bullies with badges!

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