With all the local and area businesses that have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention those who's fate is still uncertain, it's nice to hear about a new business opening up in Lawton. Even better when it's a new place to eat! The Lawton Bricktown Brewery is now open, located on the corner of 2nd and Gore at 45 N.W. 2nd Street.

I haven't had the opportunity to eat there yet and maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to try it out. The menu looks amazing and features everything from gourmet burgers to pizza. They have soups, salads, fish and just about everything else you could want. Take a glance at their menu. It all looks really good and the appetizers sound like they could be a complete meal themselves. I have to try the Chopped & Chipped Nachos and Boom Boom Shrimp. I'll need to fast before I get there that's for sure!

Not just food Bricktown Brewery is of course known for it's craft and local beers. So you get the best of both worlds! It's great to have another option when it comes to restaurants and places to go in Lawton. Plus it's near downtown and close to all the 2nd Street stores. So grab a bite to eat then hit the stores and do some shopping.

As bad as things have been lately this is a welcomed reprieve. You'll want to keep it tuned in and check back here for chances to win Bricktown Brewery gift cards.

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