For decades people have trekked north to discover the mythical creature that is Bigfoot. People who have seen the legendary Sasquatch can not be dissuaded from believing it exists. Pranksters from all over had tried to dupe unsuspecting visitor as well. Now there is one less to worry about! Find out what happened.

It was a chilly Sunday night in Kalispell, MT and 44-year-old Lee Tenley thought it would be hilarious to dress up in a military camouflage outfit and try to scare passing motorists into believing they just saw Bigfoot. Turns out Mr. Tenley disguise worked a little too well when he scared a 15-year-old female driver and she struck and killed him with her car. Oops. Guess maybe Mr. Tenley should have read the research article that most drivers do not swerve to miss animals on the side of the road in fact it is just the opposite. They tend to take aim at the little or in this case big buggers and plow right over them. At least there is one less prankster to worry about interfering with valuable research of determining whether a creature that has never been caught, killed, or otherwise proven to exist.


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