It's the new Tik Tok "I feel you could've been nicer to me" challenge. If you're unfamiliar with it, like I was until earlier this morning, here's the details: Basically you record your significant other's reaction when you say to them "I feel you could've been nicer to me." As far as internet challenges go this ones pretty tame especially when you compare it to Tide Pod and cinnamon  eating, car surfing, Ghost peppers, planking, dancing flash mobs, the electrical outlet challenge and who could possibly forget the I'll light myself on fire with rubbing alcohol in the shower challenge.

This new challenge is pretty wholesome and can create some funny reactions. You'll hear everything from apologies, disbelief and of course my favorite denial and salty comments. Most people either say they're sorry, start making excuses or start running down a list of all the nice things they've done recently for the other person.

I've never been on Tik Tok so I'm not sure how all that works, but it looks like people are finding new and different ways to combat boredom and help fill their time. It's certainly been a crazy couple of months with the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else that's going on. We're pretty lucky in Oklahoma, other places are still in lock down or have very limited access to entertainment or places that are open.

I'm thinking of doing this challenge at the house with my wife and kids. I'm sure the reactions will be hilarious. I'm betting I'll get a lot of "Shut up" or "Well, that's too bad" I might even get a "I've been nice, but that's over now."

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